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Leaflets Designing Company

Leaflets are unbound booklets printed on either one or both sides and sometimes folded to form a simple piece of marketing collateral. They are generally printed on lighter weight thinner paper than brochures or other corporate literature. They will often be used as part of a wide scale marketing strategy such as a direct mail campaign or handed out in public places such as shopping area’s or at exhibition / promotional events. Leaflets are usually advertisements to promote services or special offer, recruit new staff or to tout an event.

Leaflets Designing Company

Leaflets can come in varying size formats which are usually A4, A5, A6 or DL and can often be a low cost form marketing due to their printability in mass quantities. At Jellysoft we can use our extensive experience in graphic and print design processes to create visually attractive leaflets that ensure success for your advertising campaigns. We have an extremely talented team of designers who will help you get the most from your leaflet distribution campaign with outstanding leaflet design and flyer design. Here is a selection of some of our latest designs.

Jellysoft creates an impressive leaflet design that encompasses the highlighting features of your business, products and services. We help you produce an illustrative representation of your brand and corporate identity. An effective leaflet design can become a crucial marketing tool to feature a comprehensive brief of your objectives. Take your promotional campaign forward with a fantastic design that sets you and your brand apart.

Leaflets can play a significant role in your marketing and promotional activities. We work by understanding your goals and objectives to design a bespoke leaflet that communicates your ideas effectively. We ensure that your message reaches and inspires the target audience through beautifully encased creativity.

Our team of extremely talented and creative professionals showcase your products and services in an innovative away. We display your potential personality in the limelight through extensive market research and effective strategy. We can create exceptional leaflet designs to suit your business or brand in any shape or size.

Our Designs are :

  • Cost effective.
  • Professional look.
  • On time delivery.
  • Uniqueness on your corporate identity.
  • Creative web & graphic designers.
  • Client satisfaction.
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