Software Development

Software Development Company

Software Development is the computing lifecycle process involving analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, testing, delivering and maintaining a set of programming which can help the human to utilize the computer in a smart way. Jellysoft is an advanced software development company in Tuticorin. Software is an output of smart programming with logical, analytical codes, human efforts, valuable time and the desires of the people on computers.

We have incorporated our technical knowledge and developed various industry-specific, ready-to-use softwares that are cost effective and help the companies’ gain the much-needed competitive edge. Jellysoft has deployed custom web based softwares over a wide spectrum of business domains like, Health Care, Hospitality & Travel, Internet & Technology, Legal, Manufacturing & Engineering, Media Distribution, Online Gaming, Real Estate, Retail & Distribution, Advertising & Media, E-Learning/Training, Finance & Insurance. It Saves time, cost and effort by using technology to your advantage.

Software Development Company

We provide application and software development service for both domestic and international customers. Software is varied in size and requirements of the clients. We have developed the large sized software for Multinational companies and micro level software for local businesses. We have delivered the highly secured and time saving business applications, logical and smart computer applications, Fast and future Web applications, User friendly and advanced mobile applications.

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